professionals, business, & queers

Co-created by Anna Hetzel (they/them) and Anita Kwan (she/her), PB&Qs is an online community for queer women, trans, and gender-nonconforming entrepreneurs and business professionals.

As queer humans, we know all too well how draining it is to be the ‘only one’ in the room, to have to explain our identity, to understand the risk we take every day being a queer in a business world built for and by white cishet men.

PB&Qs is a community for idea-sharing, energy, collaboration, and support.

We’re here to be surrounded by creative people who value challenges, differences, and relationships above business.

We’re here to offer a safe, intersectional, inclusive, respectful, and empowering space where members don’t have to hide, explain themselves, or have fear of rejection.

We’re here to lift each other up.